Blue Earth, Inc. (OTCMKTS:BBLU) Breaks Through $3 For A Second Time

4BBLUchart.pngIn the post-holiday session the stock of Blue Earth, Inc. (OTCMTS:BBLU) soared through the $3 mark with ease and at closing time was sitting comfortably at $3.15. The 8.6% gain at these price levels stands for another 25 cents added to the stock’s value. After the height of $3.75 in mid-June the ticker began crashing down The corrections lasted for nearly two weeks. For a brief moment BBLU plummeted by more than a dollar but managed to stabilize. Now they have began picking up momentum and are starting to climb once again.

BBLU‘s long time pumper – SmallCapStockPlays, is still hanging around with the last tout email being the one from July 1. Apparently they haven’t sold all of the 80 thousand BBLU shares they are holding and will be returning from time to time to promote the company. The newsletter, however, is not among the influential ones and hasn’t been able to lift the price by creating any artificial hype.

The positive movement on the stock chart has been caused primarily by the fundamentals of the company. For the period ending March 31, they announced the following results:

  • $458 thousand cash
  • $6.6 million total current assets
  • $8 million total liabilities
  • $2.8 million revenues
  • $1.8 million net loss

BBLU have improved on almost all of their financial indicators compared to the same period last year. The generated revenue is impressive enough for a penny stock company but unfortunately it is immediately offset by the accrued net loss. Some concern might be caused by the usage of common shares that totaled nearly a million just for the quarter thus bringing the outstanding amount to 23 million. The next financial report should be coming in soon so we will see how BBLU have progressed with their 0NTEKchart.pngprojects and the acquisitions they announced since the start of the year. More important would be if the company has managed to reduce its spending in order to work towards a positive balance sheet.

The big gainers just before the weekend were NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK) who climbed by the amazing 53% and ALAS International Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VDSC) adding 49% to close at $0.0097.

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