Dephasium Corp. (OTCMKTS:DPHS) Keeps Moving on Faked Paper Mailers

DPHS_chart.pngYesterday Dephasium Corp. (OTCMKTS:DPHS) kept moving throughout the day, even if slowly. The movement was aided by the continuing stream of email pumps trickling into people’s inboxes, as well as the dissemination of rumors of a supposed paper mailer sent out for DPHS.

Obviously the hype and the press release from the company near the open had their effect on trading, as DPHS managed to shift over 3 million shares over the session. The company’s claim to fame is a technology to be used in cell phone cases. DPHS ‘believes’ their phone cases can make short work of almost all harmful waves emitted by the devices. Do shareholders have any reasons to believe in the success of DPHS, though?

We covered the reverse merger that made former Pay Mobile Inc. into Dephasium Corp. in a previous article, taking a brief look at the company’s issuance history and financial situation. Now rumors and leaks have sprung up, claiming Awesome Penny Stocks (APS), arguably the most influential stock pumper outfit, sent out a paper mailer for DPHS. This turned out to be a fake, as APS happen to be currently pumping a different company altogether – Xumanii, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XUII). Even though there is a photograph of the actual printed ad, it just uses the website layout of Awesome Penny Stocks, while referring recipients to a different website that is not affiliated with Degrupa Tenner Morales Media, the entity operating APS. The website’s domain also happens to have been registered in late April this year, a little over a month ago.

5DPHS_logo.pngAs others have already speculated, it may appear that someone, somewhere is having a blast impersonating Awesome Penny Stocks. Even though most traders on discussion boards have already caught up to the fake nature of the paper material, there may be a sufficient number of traders who bought the story, judging from the volume DPHS saw yesterday.

Considering the movement of the stock appears to be based solely on skewed hype and email pumps, traders may want to be very careful before making a move on DPHS. You may never know whether a phone case can protect you from radiation, but it’s relatively easy to figure out how to avoid getting burnt once things go south on the penny stock market.

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