Goff Corp. (OTC:GOFF) Gets off to a Quick Start

GOFF.pngFueled by Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) and the Victory Mark outfit, Goff Corp. (OTC:GOFF) is moving up fast.

As expected, the second day of the pump didn’t generate nearly as much volume as the first. Yesterday GOFF closed up 4.25% at $0.297 on 19.7 million shares.

4SWVI.pngA huge part of the reasons for that is the way APS pump jobs usually go. Unlike many other promotions, APS pumps almost always last more than a day, and the stock price runs up, sometimes for weeks, so traders who are willing to play these pumps try to buy early with the hope they can dump them back before the crash.

The stock pumped by APS before GOFF was that of Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (OTC:SWVI). It ran in the above-mentioned way. It also had a similar story to that of GOFF, except instead of gold it was initially supposed to mine copper. SWVI is now trading more than 80% below the pump highs.

The traders who have been following APS and its pumps, are fully aware of the pattern and the risks associated with trading those stocks. However, inexperienced investors can get hit hard on these pumps, and we believe they deserve a heads up.

GOFF issued another press release this morning, announcing some exploration program on its La Frontera Gold Project. One might be tempted to ask how the company intends to finance that, since its latest financial report showed $5,653 to account for all its assets.

Then again, GOFF is an APS pump, and it hardly matters all that much. At the time of this writing shares of Goff Corp. are trading at around $0.33, up another 11%.

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