Inergetics, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NRTI) Roars Upward on Medical Cannabis Partnership

Another sleeper has awakened- after three years of mostly drifting sideways, on low volumes, Inergetics, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NRTI) heard the call. The reason, of course, is simple: NRTI is a hot addition to the marijuana stock bonanza, and indeed is selling like hotcakes. Buying volumes of $1.11 million sent the ticker up more than 85% to $0.167. NRTI0502.png

NRTI has not spiked so much in any of the earlier promotional campaigns than it did now, as it joined the family of cannabis gainers. The reason behind the spike is a joint message with TerraTech, Corp. (OTCMKTS:TRTC). The food supplement business of NRTI would find a match in the raw cannabis production of TRTC, as the sector begins attempts at partnerships and consolidation.ENDO0502.png

It is also good to note that NRTI continues to expand its product range, though its latest, the Bikini Ready brand, is somehow slow on its page. So far, the supplement sales have led to the following financials:

  • $975,062 cash
  • $3.34 million current assets
  • $12.15 million total current liabilities
  • $203,348 quarterly revenues
  • $2.68 million quarterly net loss

As it is easily seen, while NRTI shows some activity, it is still relying heavily on promotions, whether paid or through the company’s own mouthpiece, the press releases extolling its supplements range. So far, the cannabis supplement is just an idea, and some time will pass before a product is developed and successfully marketed.

But all of this may not matter as NRTI behaves with the usual logic of pot stocks, that is- to react positively to any news on the expansion of cannabis sales, and the promise of cannabinoid substances for various treatments.

Endocan, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ENDO) is in the similar price range, and follows a similar scenario- appropriating an older dispensary mechanisms and old pharmaceutical research to the newly opened medical cannabis opportunities. ENDO currently stands at 14 cents after two strong days of gains.

If you still like NRTI and believe it is in for a breakthrough, keep in mind that it is still within the usual price range, and it is early for optimism. Investors’ forums for now note that the company is more solid than other contenders in the sector, and the partnership with TRTC may increase both publicity and eventually, income. The partnership is greeted with great enthusiasm, and may be a reason for more buying.

Still, NRTI is yet to prove itself and improve its financials, as it seems despite the positive sales, the liabilities and accumulated losses are locking the company down. But since markets operate on future expectations, in that category NRTI is certainly a champion.

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