Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTC:PBCW) Pump Dead and Buried

5PBCW_chart.pngReality started catching up with Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTC:PBCW) and in yesterday’s trading the stock went down in flames, losing over 55% and closing at $0.07 per share.

Preferred Penny Stocks (PPS), who originally pumped the stock to its unrealistic highs of nearly 17 cents, have gone silent. Left alone and trying to create hype through vague and irrelevant press releases, PBCW crashed as we previously predicted when we warned investors about the pump on December 4.

Even the greedier among traders didn’t get a chance to make a buck at the expense of the more naive who thought this was going to run for a long time. The pump crashed in a matter of five sessions and pretty much idled after the initial spike. The absence of emails from PPS had an immediate effect and whoever got in during the low-action trading session in between the spike and the drop got a very nasty burn, as well as a hole in their wallet.

PBCW was virtually a shell before it acquired a Mobile Dynamic Marketing on November 28. The company has not disclosed a single piece of information as to how the acquisition affected PBCW‘s rather dreary financial state. PBCW had about $2 thousand in total assets and may well have just as much now – it’s all guesswork, as there is no filing to give more current information.

9PRTN_fail.pngThe sour taste of the pump can be traced to the company’s original CEO – a former employee of Carrillo Huettel LLP. Carrillo Huettel was also PBCW‘s former legal counsel, and those who follow OTC market pumps may remember the name was involved with a number of pump campaigns that crashed hard this year, such as North Springs Resources Corp. (PINK:NSRSE) and Pristine Solutions, Inc. (PINK:PRTN).

There is a slim chance that pumpers may return and invite traders to buy the so-called ‘dip’ but investors may want to keep in mind that each subsequent crash of a given pump usually brings the price down lower than the previous low, in a spiral of disappointment and loss.

As usual, all traders are advised to do their due diligence before they invest in any stock. Pumps can sometimes provide greedy traders with the opportunity to make a quick buck but as PBCW showed, you have an equal chance to just get burned.

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