Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc (OTCBB:SOUL) Pushed Up By Pumpers

96SOULchart.pngBy now it should not come as a surprise that whenever Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. (OTCBB:SOUL) has a positive session it is accompanied by a round of pump emails. As we have discussed in our previous articles the company has been the target of a paid promotions for nearly a year now.

And that is exactly what happened during yesterday’s trading when SOUL closed 16% up at $0.58. The amount of artificial hype also attracted quite a lot of interest from investors resulting in 2.3 million traded shares, almost 6 times the amount from last Friday. 
This time the sums paid for the promotional services were a bit more substantial with StockMister bagging $50 000 while Stock Freak and Penny Stock Crew got $40 000 for their efforts. In the emails SOUL continues to be mentioned alongside such companies as Activision Blizzard, Inc, Electronic Arts Inc. and Take Two Interactive Software Inc. Even a research report was released yesterday in which for the small sum of just $2000 SOUL was lumped together right next to Blizzard and Take Two.
But such far-fetched comparisons were not enough for SOUL and they decided to go and compete directly with the current king of facebook games – Candy Crush Saga. As you can see from its facebook page SOUL‘s match-3 game Timeless Gems has received a total of 232 likes and it seems unlikely that it will explode in popularity. 
SOUL should be treated as a pump play witch may offer opportunities for some quick gains but investors should be careful not to be left holding the bag.
The pump for Gray Fox Petroleum Corp. (OTCBB:GFOX) is making its way back up the massive crash that happened at the start of last week. The company closed yesterday session nearly 12% up at $1.98 and we will see if it gets above 2 dollars per share today.

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