TransGlobal Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TGGI): Disaster in the Making

We have not seen TransGlobal Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TGGI) since 2010, when it was having one of the spikes not unusual for a triple-zero ticker. TGGI is one of those comet-stocks that revisit once in a while, providing volatile movements for risk-takers. But now, TGGI is acting unusual, making a bit of a trend, gaining 500% in a few days, though we have not registered a promotion. Given the past of the company, the good times may already be over- but even at $0.001, TGGI is accessible enough and may show a bit more gains before crashing. TGGI1011.png

The company has been mostly inactive with press releases, but after three years of underwhelming stock performances, TGGI posted financial results, dated October 10th but covering the period of 2011. They show that the pink sheet has the backing of:CYBK1011.png

  • Zero cash
  • $65,000 total assets
  • $748,000 total liabilities
  • Zero revenues

It seems TGGI is not really making anything in the renewable energy and solar power sector, except makingpromises. While TGGI claims that its subsidiary is providing services in Florida, there is no way to know when this would reflect on the balance sheet. Meanwhile, TGGI remains just a vehicle for said subsidiary, VersaGreen Energy Corporation, to be exposed to the penny stock markets.

There is some talks that TGGI finally had its moment and it could move into the range of a few pennies, but we have to wait and see, as TGGI spent so much time in obscurity, activating for short periods, but not going anywhere.

TGGI is compared to Cal-Bay Int’l, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBYI), another inactive triple-zero ticker that shot up to double-zeroes, but lost again 90% of the newfound value. But this scenario could be found with any suffucuently undervalued ticker, especially onCBYI1011.pnge that suddenly receives all the attention.

What differentiates TGGI is its CEO, Chris Clarke, who also plays president for Versa Green, and is involved in The Media Hook, Inc., direct marketing company. As of 2012, this company was served a cease and desist notice for what was deemed pressure selling. Our past record shows Clarke is a busy person, at the helm of a total of 22 companies across the state of Florida. So TGGI may just be a blip on its radar, gone before one can say “stock pump”.

Cyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBYK) is another notable Clarke creation, creating chaos and mayhem, as it is easily seen from the graph.

If you are impressed by the upward drive in TGGI, keep in mind that this is a temporary affair, weighed down by a ton of red flags. We strongly advice avoiding this company, or others in similar position, to avoid being burned when the unsustainable trend deflates.

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