Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Still Struggling

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Twitter Inc (OTCMKTS:TWTR) announced that it will be adding stickers to photos, a thing that isn’t exactly new to social networks. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) implemented the feature in the first quarter of last year and it was quickly adopted by many users.


Still, TWTR remains a company whose social network experience is a lot different than that of FB and making this addition doesn’t change that. The company stock, however, has been having trouble regaining the value that it had lost in the second half of April after dropping more than 16% in a single session following a weak Q1 report and a downgraded forecast for the Q2 revenues.


This is exactly what happened around the same period of last year, when the company stock was traded well above $40 per share. Unfortunately, it didn’t manage to recover back then and kept losing altitude instead. TWbTR doesn’t seem to be in any position of regaining the price it had more than a year ago, but it still managed to recover some of the losses it incurred after the bad start of this year.


The last couple of sessions, however, have saw TWTR slip and the company stock closed at $15.84 per share after a 3.65% drop yesterday. The performance of TWTR in the past year has shown that the positive investor sentiment towards the stock has been lost and the company will have a hard time regaining it if it keeps failing to meet revenue forecasts. Closing with actual income is a whole other thing entirely.

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