World Moto, Inc. (OTC:FARE) f.k.a. Net Profits Ten Inc Dropped by Awesome Penny Stocks

04FARE_chart.pngYesterday, World Moto, Inc. (OTC:FARE) f.k.a. Net Profits Ten Inc lost another 22.38%. At $0.1075 per share it’s now down about 65% from the peak. Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) stopped the pump too.

Surprisingly for some, and not at all surprising for others, the company hasn’t made any statement on the dreadful drop. With APS gone, FARE doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

4TAGG.pngWhat’s next for fare and the people bent on holding their shares? Any previous APS pump would give you an idea. TagLikeMe Corp (PINK:TAGG) is a recent example. As you can see on the chart traders will get an stock slowly, but surely losing value. As people try to get out the volume will also gradually die down.

There will probably be some random attempts to bounce, but those will have little to no chance of lasting more than a day or two, and the price levels reached during the pump will remain nothing more than a memory.

We hope our readers heeded our warnings and didn’t lose any money on this pump job. What is happening with FARE is a good reason to do due diligence and think before throwing money in a pump.

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