Xumanii, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XUII) Fails to Recover

21XUII_chart.pngAfter tanking hard in Tuesday’s session, even as pumpers urged their subscribers to buy, Xumanii, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XUII) finally got stamped with a Buyer Beware sign on OTCMarkets, following a three-month long roller coaster pumped run.

The skull and crossbones was attached to the company’s OTCMarkets page sometime this Wednesday, following a momentous 44% crash of the pumped stock. The company, pumped for almost three months straight now by both of the biggest outfits – Awesome Penny Stocks and Victory Mark, regained a little of the crash on Wednesday but that did very little to console entrants who bought near the $0.70 mark, cheered on by the promoters.

Awesome Penny Stocks may be in for a nasty surprise with XUII, as the pumpers promised they will retire if the stock fails to breach $1.00 per share, with loud and proud proclamations in their email pumps. The mid-week recovery was followed by more touts from Victory Mark’s offshoots full of the usual claims that the bounce-back was happening and repeating promises of $1 by next week.

The bounce never happened, as XUII attempted to run in the early hours, then was smacked $0.10 down and closed the day below $0.40, a rather long way away from the promised dollar mark.

85XUII_logo.jpgNaturally, the Buyer Beware addition was never mentioned in any of the pump mails. Instead the pumps chose to focus on unsubstantiated rumors of the biggest names in the entertainment industry signing with XUII, as well as repeating their jaded promises of $1 per share.

Whether the failure of the stock to go anywhere after the huge crash is aided by the Buyer Beware sign or not, the facts are the facts. XUII is currently so far from dollar-land that APS will have to work a real miracle to get it there. Of course, going into retirement is also an option but one can’t help but question the integrity of an outfit that had pumped horrible disasters in the past.

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