Active Health Foods, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AHFD) Nearly Doubles Its Price

AHFDchart.pngThe stock of Active Health Foods, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AHFD) had an explosive start of the week with more than 178 million shares changing hands yesterday. The company had never before seen such a tremendous traded volume which was nearly 16 times bigger than the 11 million shares posted on Friday. The increased attention towards the stock resulted in an equally as impressive price gain of 87% and a close at $0.003. 

Despite the significant spike AHFD still remain dangerously close to the triple-zero price ranges. The company has been trying to offer their Active X Energy Bars and their own kind of flavored water but they have been quite unsuccessful, to say the least. According to the financial report covering the first quarter of the year at the end of March AHFD had:
  • $2 thousand cash
  • $44 thousand total assets
  • $2.3 million total liabilities
  • $4 thousand revenues
  • $2.4 million net loss
The company has always been financing its operations through the issuance of common stock. That is why last year the management decided to perform a massive 1-for-1000 reverse split leaving them with 3.7 million outstanding shares on August 13, 2013. That number has now turned into more than 590 million shares thanks to the numerous convertible notes. It is important to note that the holders of the notes can convert them into common shares at a 50% discount to the market price. 
But things get even worse. On March 26 AHFD settled their legal dispute with AGS Capital Group, LLC by agreeing to pay the total amount of $1.4 million. Such a sum is way out of AHFD‘s reach and that is way they are going to issue over a billion common shares in order to satisfy their legal obligations. 
Investors should also keep in mind that the company is currently being touted by paid pumpers. The promotion is carried out by for the disclosed sum of $15 thousand. The latest email alert was sent yesterday after the end of the session. 
With limited operations and numerous red flags any investment in the company should be attempted only after doing 13TRTCchart.pngthorough and extensive due diligence. AHFD have been going nowhere but down for more than 2 years which speaks volumes even on its own. 
After suffering a severe loss of more than 26% on Friday the stock of Terra Tech Corp. (OTCMKTS:TRTC) continued to crash during yesterday’s trading. The stock wiped another 15% of its value and dropped down to $0.426. The negative performance came as a direct result of the company’s failure to get a permit for a medical marijuana dispensary.

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